How to Master the Clitoris.

How to Master the Clitoris.



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Many guys who say they are awesome in bed may not fully understand the clitoris. Well, this is fairly understandable considering that many women don’t fully understand their clitoris either. But if most ladies need clitoral stimulation to orgasm, then, every guy should master the art of stimulating the clitoris to satisfy his partner in bed. But how do you give her a mind-blowing clitoral orgasm? What is the best way to arouse the clitoris and perfectly satisfy her? Do you need sex toys for women to have the best orgasm possible?


These questions definitely need answers. And for this reason, we are giving you some expert tips on how to become a master stimulator of your partner’s clitoris.


Master Tips on How to Perfectly Stimulate the Clitoris.


If you are a new to the clitoris, you firstly need to know where the clitoris is. You need to review your high school biology. Just kidding! We know that you already have a good idea of where the clitoris is. It's a little pea-sized ball, just above the vagina, under the inner folds of the pussy. So, obviously, you will not get lost finding it.


Most women want it stimulated during sex. But if you only have limited idea on how to play with the clit, you will need effective tips on clitoral stimulation, as it is super-sensitive. A study by The University of Western Sydney found that the clitoris has twice as many nerve endings as the penis. You must perfect these tips if you want to become a master of the clitoris. Only then can you truly bring a grateful smile to your sex partner’s face. So, without further ado, here are the professional tips on how to master the clitoris:

  1. Before zeroing in on the clit, warm up by stimulating the other erogenous zones of her body like her breasts and nipples.

Just like the vagina which doesn't get wet until properly aroused, the clitoris also needs to be in the mood before any hardcore stimulation of it. You can’t just go straight for the clit. First, excite her body using your hands, lips, skin, and tongue. Seduce her and caress the sensitive areas of her skin. Play softly with her breasts and nipples and titillate the skin of her neck with your lips and tongue. You should do this with the view in mind of arousing her clitoris.

You can also use sex toys for women like a vibrator. Set it gently to give your girl a little tease. Don't be intimidated by the vibrators. They can never really take your place. But they can surely spice up sex if you know how to use them.

  1. Heat things up further by slowly moving your tongue and lips downward in a masterfully slow motion towards the clitoris without licking it.

As you slither your tongue downward, nibble on the skin of her belly as you go down. Slightly touch the folds of her inner labia. Then, trace small circles around the clit using your tongue. Tease it without sucking or nibbling on it. Remember the clit is super sensitive, and needs to be aroused before it is stimulated. Your intention is to arouse her without giving her an orgasm - yet. Be sensitive to her moans and shimmies. They will tell you if she is becoming excited.

Peck a bit on the sides of her clit. Remember, you are still warming her clit up for the full attack. Alternate with nibbling and licking on the areas around the clit. Inflame her imagination until the clit starts to firm up.

  1. Nibble and suck on her clit.

Continue by gently sucking on the inner and outer folds of her vagina. Then, use your lips and tongue to lightly suck on her clit. She will definitely be aroused by now. Stimulate the nerves, suck lightly and nibble a bit using your lips and tongue (no teeth).

Make use of your finger by gently flicking it around the clit. But don't directly touch the clit. Guide her to the pinnacle of pleasure and keep her on that level. Maintain that consistent and steady soft stroke of your tongue. The lighter the touch of your tongue on her clit, the better. Then, grab her whole clit with both your lips as you lick it using your tongue.

  1. Use your imagination and send her to the highest heaven.

While you’re working her clit with your tongue, imagine that you are licking something delicious. Alternate between up and down strokes. Abruptly glide and slide your tongue as you lick giving the clit a slightly quick whip of your tongue. She will moan with delight. Then, vary the movement of your tongue from side to side, up and down; but make sure that you get the right mix of soft and hard lick.

  1. Pamper the shaft with light licks of your tongue.

Men often give much attention to the tip of the clitoris, forgetting that the shaft of the clit must be stimulated too. The shaft is located at the upper end of the vulva. This shaft goes on inside the woman's body five inches deep. Use your fingers to push and pull on this shaft. It would be good to stay unpredictable by moving your fingers from side to side, diagonally, or in small circles.

  1. Suck on the clitoris and give her an oral vibratory experience as she comes.

Any woman will surely come once you try this move. As she comes, form your lips into an "O" shape. Then, grab her clitoris with your lips. Start sucking on her clit. Let her feel the warmth of your mouth and the wet vibrations of your sucking lips.

  1. Give her a real penile massage.

As you bring her to the point of orgasm, you will also get aroused. Your penis will be hard. You can give her clit a penile massage. She will enjoy and appreciate this. She may also take the initiative and grab your penis. As she grabs your penis, let her use it like a sex toy. Allow her to rub it on her clit.

  1. Set yourself in a sex position that allows further clit stimulation.

There are some positions that are great for clitoral stimulation. The doggy-style position, for example, is perfect for access to the clit. It frees your hand to fondle and touch the clitoris while penetrating during intercourse. While in this position, you can also pull your penis out of her pussy and begin giving her an oral sex while she is still in doggy position. This will drive her crazy.



Do these tips help you move a bit closer to becoming a certified master of the clitoris? Well, these tips have been proven to be very effective. They are designed to maximize the sexual pleasure of your partner in bed. The use of your fingers, lips, and tongue, the seduction of her mind, the use of sex toys for women—all these are great tools for satisfying sex. Lastly, if you practice, you will master the clitoris and get the branding right of being an expert in bed.

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