How To Use a Penis Sleeve

How To Use a Penis Sleeve



If you’re a big fan of male sex toys, then you have probably heard of penis sleeves. They’re also commonly known as cock sheaths, cock sleeves, dick slips, and in simple terms, penis extenders. In this article, we explain what these artificial penis extensions are, and what they do.

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What is a Penis Sleeve?


A penis sleeve is a male sex toy device that slips over a man's penis in order to artificially extend the size, or change the texture of the penis. When used during sex, the man's partner is essentially experiencing a larger or different textured penis during sex. They are a great sex toy that will add some extra spice to the bedroom.


Penis Sleeve Size


What Do They Do?


Penis sleeves have several purposes and there are many different designs available. Always keep in mind what your goal is when choosing a sleeve.


1. To Extend the Length and Grith:


One of the main reasons men and couples choose to introduce a penis slip into bedroom play is to extend both the length and width of the man's penis. Your partner gets to experience a larger than usual member during sex and you get to witness your partner's reactions to having a larger penis.


Penis Sleeve Size


Some men love to see the physical and emotional reaction they are creating when using their mega member. Others are surprised how little difference their partner reports between their normal penis and penis sleeve.


2. To Change the Texture:


There are many different models on the market to choose from. Some are realistic replicas of giant penises. Some are ribbed and have channels for and enhanced orgasmic experience, and some are fantasy inspired pieces of art. More on this later. Another common reason people use these products is to add extra texture to the sexual experience.

Cock Sheath Different Texture

And it's not only for the women. Some sleeves have internal ribs, bumps and nodules to give the wearer extra pleasure.


Cock Sheath Different Texture


3. Can Penis Sleeves Be Used as a Condom?


Cock sleeves are made to be much thicker than a condom, and many people do use them in place of a condom. However, they are not officially approved as condoms and do not go through the rigorous testing that condoms do to prevent unwanted pregnancies and stop the transmission of STD's.


Disclaimer: This information is generally speaking and not referring to any specific model of penis sleeve. Use at your own discretion. 


4. Can Be Used as a Delay Device:


One reason a lot of couples experiment with penis sleeves is because of premature ejaculation. This is a very common problem that many couples experience and can be a frustrating problem in a relationship. Many types of penis sleeves can help with premature ejaculation by adding a layer of silicone between the penis and the vaginal wall.

Delay Device


If you want to avoid lasting longer there are styles, like the headless style that leave the penis head exposed, allowing all physical sensations to be experienced. 

Delay Device

5. Can Be Used with a Vibrator:

These cool inventions can also be used by solo ladies and lesbian couples. You can easily turn a traditional plain vibrator into a completely new experience by putting a penis sleeve over the top. In these cases, you only need one vibrator and can mix things up by using different penis sleeve and extensions.

Penis Extension with a vibrator


What are they made from?


Most penis sleeves are made from silicone, like most sex toys. The silicone is usually a softer texture than a vibrator. It also gives them flexibility and perfect fit no matter how big, small, short or long your penis is. These sex toys have varied textures.

Penis Extension with a vibrator

Types of Penis Sleeves:


1. Realistic: 


The majority of cock sheaths are made to look like a real penis. Once you slip them on they essentially give you the illusion that your dick has been working out at the gym. Many are coloured to suit different skin colours including white, black and brown. Some realistic versions are see-through and some are brightly coloured. 

Realistic Cock Sleeve


2. Ball Strap:


Some types of penis extenders include a ball strap at the bottom of the device. The ball strap serves two purposes. One is to hold the sleeve firmly onto the penis during sex. The other is to grip the testicles firmly, which man men enjoy.

Realistic Cock Sleeve

3. Vibrating:


There are many models with built-in vibrators. The purpose of the vibrator is to provide extra stimulation to the woman's clitoris. Studies show that most women struggle to orgasm without some kind of clitoral stimulation

Vibarting Sleeve

4. Harness:


Some penis extenders are equipped with a full-blown strap on harness. This allows a large sleeve to be worn and held securely in place. Harness penis sleeves can also be used in lesbian relationships.

Vibarting Sleeve

5. Ribbed and Textured:


Many sleeves are ribbed and textured with rough rider style skins to create extra stimulation for your partner. These versions can include rabbit vibrators.


Vibarting Sleeve

Many sleeves are ribbed and textured with rough rider style skins to create extra stimulation for your partner. These versions can include rabbit vibrators.


6. Headless and Half Sleeves:

There is a variety that only covers the shaft of the penis, leaving the head exposed. This is good if you want to experience a natural sexual feeling, while at the same time enhancing G-Spot stimulation to your partner.

Vibarting Sleeve


How to use a Penis Sleeve?


When it comes to using the sleeve itself, it is fairly straight forward. First, you put the sleeve onto your penis or a traditional vibrator. Then you apply some water-based lubricant to the outside of the sleeve. Then insert the sleeve into your partner.


How Do You Put On The Sleeve?


Some of these devices look like they are difficult to put on. There are two main methods of putting on a cock sheath.


1. The Roll-On Method:


This method requires you to roll the sleeve up like a new condom. Once rolled up, you place the head of your penis at the top end of the sleeve, then proceed to roll the skin of the sleeve back down your penis.

Roll On Method

2. Slide On Method:


This method requires you to simply slide on the sleeve. To do this we recommend using a little bit of water-based lubricant. First, apply the lubricant all over you the first half of your penis, from the head, halfway down your shaft. Then add a bit of lube to the entrance of the sleeve. Then simply push on the sleeve. Roll and push until it is in position. Be careful not to ally too much lube. If you apply too much lube the sleeve will fall off during sex. If you apply to much lube, remove the sleeve and wipe some of the lube off with a clean towel.

Sldie On Method Diagram


This video will give you a great demonstration on how to put on any sleeve:




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